A journey of 1000 miles

Where do you start ladies? I went from coasting in high school, where grades were just simply a number, and you’re image was everything to graduating college, where I learned to grow up and actually start my life. I know I am not the only girl out there that thought your chosen major  sounded like “the one” and a semester later you thought “wtf am i doing?”.  I remember standing in my dinky, non-air conditioned dorm room when my ‘life’ and ‘career choice’  hit me square in the face. I was like “why am I in nursing? I can’t be a nurse”. People asked me why I was changing my major and all I could think of was “I can’t live my life wearing scrubs everyday”.  All these people laughed, but man its the truth.

It started with my love for cosmetics all the way back in high school, but then I discovered the world of fashion. 12 years, i wore stuffy, unflattering uniforms. It condoned and promoted equality. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely easy and convenient getting ready everyday.  However,  when I finally got to college I had no idea how to dress myself. Looking back it was rather embarrassing. So as I stood in the dorm room when my life revelation surfaced, I remember what one girl told me. ‘Why can’t you work with cosmetics for your career?” Girlfriend had a point.

So girls, let me ask you, why can’t you? Why did I so easily fall into a major that I wanted nothing to do with? Maybe it was simple choice, a choice that everyone thinks is altruistic and selfless. Once i learned what i wanted, the journey started- I took that single step. 

Why should I be anything or anyone, when it’s not for myself?


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